About Us

Our Story

Operations began in 2013 on ad hoc general IT consultation. The focus of the business then became solely on IT software services which gave birth to Wavesoft entity which registered in 2018. The idea was to grow in the area of software development, Web Design, Mobile Application Development and Cloud Services.

Our Ethos

• We are customer centric.
• Each of their problems are ours.
• Assumption is not our style.
• We arrive at solutions through strategic and logical   approaches.
• Ownership and Accountability are our daily practices.
• We are consistent in delivering innovative solutions   when we  solve our customer problems.
• Effective collaboration is our daily practice.

Business Goals and Objectives

To be the best in providing unique and high-quality customized software solutions that include mobile app development, cloud computing services and web systems design.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy involves Market Penetration, Product Development and Diversification.


Creative, Flexible, Consistent and Innovative.


To be the leading software company that constantly provide solutions using modern relevant technologies in the industry. Our determination is designed with one goal in mind: to define specific business problems and opportunities. Technical perfection and our dedication to customers are axiomatic.


We want to speed up our growth in providing cloud computing services. The idea is to ensure that this is achieved without compromising other core functions of the business which is mainly software development.

Business Competitiveness

We are currently located in Umhlanga Rocks, KZN. This is a strategic approach to ensure that we are close to our clients which improves communication for the best service.